ForeWord Review - Halfway to the Stars

Halfway to the Stars (Cover)

Curzon’s fictional memoir is a down-and-dirty look at San Francisco from the perspective of a jaded cable car gripman who has the finesse of a two a.m. nightclub performer. His humor will thrill an audience seeking entertainment untouched by editorial censors. This is stand-up comedy at its literary best, with controversial pieces included to strike the strongest blow where needed. In this brilliant work, the “equal opportunity offender” theory applies.

ForeWord Review - The Other Mother

The Other Mother (Cover)

In this inspiring dramatization of true events, a television journalist forms a bond of friendship with Byrne Miller, a modern-dance pioneer. Bruce demonstrates the importance of relying on a mentor, especially during times of stress. For those who have ever needed maternal guidance without genetic ties, this memoir illustrates a fine example of a classy relationship.

ForeWord Review - Going the Distance

Going the Distance (Cover)

An injured major-league baseball pitcher finds an unfamiliar woman in the passenger seat of his car on the day of the 1979 all-star game. Laced with mystery and offbeat humor, this baffling though enjoyable novel ambles along a bumpy road with excursions down unpaved fictional territory. Those who savor the exploratory, as opposed to the traditional, approach to narrative will discover a feast in Joyce’s writing. Intriguing and a bit surreal.

ForeWord Review - Of Little Faith

Of Little Faith (Cover)

Brutally frank and devastatingly real, this exceptional novel set during the 1960s explores the dynamics of a dysfunctional family while calling attention to hypocritical behavior. Narrated from the distinctive viewpoints of four protagonists, the story reveals that interpretation of religious structure is highly personal. Hoenig delivers a punch to old-school beliefs while spotlighting the period when progress for women battled nightmarish condemnation and self-centered ritual.

ForeWord Review - The Illuminated Forest

The Illuminated Forest (Cover)

Grief stricken and lonely, a boy interacts with an abused and abandoned stray cat facing similar pain. In this magical tale, a forest breathes with effervescence, guiding and educating in a mystical realm haunted by the presence of a maternal entity. This enlightening look at a semi-feral cat personified will bring even the cold-hearted to tears. Portrayed as a rational creature with emotional needs, this animal steals the limelight in heartrending scenes, a commentary on the human tendency toward apathy.

ForeWord Review - Sugar Doll's Hurricane Blues

Sugar Doll's Hurricane Blues (Cover)

Through the preliminary darkness of the storm and the light of the overwhelming aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Lauber’s novel explores the depths of the human heart in its struggle to reclaim honesty and dignity. Her sophisticated romance presents a down-to-earth portrayal of existence in a big city fraught with tension and unrest.

ForeWord Review - We

We (Cover)

A forty-year-old man transcends space and time after an accident propels him into the body of his younger self. This extraordinary situation reveals the inner psyche struggling against the past, desperately seeking a favorable outcome long after traumatic actions have inflicted paralyzing damage. Scary and enlightening, Landweber’s story illuminates the darkest human motivations along with the noblest efforts to combat evil desires in unstable individuals.

ForeWord Review - Confessions

Confessions (Cover)

This memoir is an illuminating look at the life of Jodie Rhodes, a top literary agent, and the dramatized story of her childhood, her personal and professional relationships, as well as her prior career in advertising. Fascinating, funny, and sometimes shocking, her candid page-turner reveals a woman who endured extreme highs and lows. Her memorable path to the agency she established is filled with elation and tragedy.

ForeWord Review - The Businessman

The Businessman (Cover)

This is the story of a rich man plunged into serious illness who chooses to deal with his devastating situation in a nonconforming manner. The empty wealth theme has been presented in countless scenarios, but Almelek’s play does not succumb to irritating platitudes and inept moralizing. This playwright’s work will cause a level-headed entrepreneur to reconsider a stereotypical textbook agenda in life. It may be time to rewrite the way we do daily business.

ForeWord Review - Caged

Caged (Cover)

Adapted by a clinical psychologist, this dramatized account of a true story is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when a quiet, modest little town bonds under a weird creed governed by forces beyond a sane person’s comprehension. Hirsch’s patient was abused from infancy until she testified against the crazed members of a so-called Christian refuge. The book contains revealing information that could be used to identify the establishment of dangerous sects and prevent their formation.

ForeWord Review - Golden Dreams of Borneo

Golden Dreams of Borneo (Cover)

Spanning more than one hundred years from 1800 to 1918, the drive to succeed on a gold-rich island is the motivating force behind multiple characters in this admirable undertaking by Ling. Lush narrative, intellectual conversation, and emotional introspection convey the experience of this exotic locale. Sarawak is the focus, a northwest section of Borneo governed by a family known as the White Rajahs from 1841 to 1946.

ForeWord Review - My Waltzing Egypt

My Waltzing Egypt (Cover)

This is the story of a Coptic Christian and a Muslim trapped in a society that will not condone their relationship, so they remain sequestered. Salama explores individual perceptions of God, definitions of a higher power, and how a personal comprehension of these concepts is frequently based on cultural and written indoctrination. A twenty-first century tragedy waiting to happen, this gripping adventure will appeal to readers of religious intrigue fiction, as well as romantics who devour tales of star-crossed lovers.

ForeWord Review - The Selfish Path to Romance

The Selfish Path to Romance (Cover)

True love, according to Locke and Kenner, is not an accident, nor is it mystical. It is a rational interaction between two people that can be learned. Based on the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, these experts explore the importance of self-love in this concise text that breaks down the method of seeking a “soul mate.”

ForeWord Review - More Than Words

More Than Words (Cover)

Set in the Amana Colonies in 1885, the atmosphere of a secluded rural community comes to life, a confining and smothering place for the intellectual and ambitious. Miller gives the modern reader a revealing look at a talented heroine’s desire to express herself in a time when a woman’s words must remain curbed to the pages of her own journal. This is the story of a writer seeking a sense of self beyond limited notions of family and expected position in society.

ForeWord Review - In the Company of Angels

In the Company of Angels (Cover)

Based on historical records and dramatized for entertainment, Farland’s novel is the story of the early Mormon Church and the tribulations of the Willie Handcart Company, a group of immigrants who attempted to journey from the end of the Transcontinental Railroad in Iowa City, which was not yet finished, to Salt Lake City in 1856. Rejected by mainstream America, the followers of Brigham Young, then president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, travel through a hostile environment. This enlightening book takes a painfully honest look at the fateful decisions made by a downtrodden group seeking acceptance in a judgmental nation.

ForeWord Review - A Palace in Peking

A Palace in Peking (Cover)

Zee’s novel features the creative development of an intelligent woman-child juxtaposed with growing political tensions in the Orient during the 1930s. The story is a flashback that spans the course of this heroine’s coming of age, gradually leading to an abiding friendship and, eventually, a romantic interlude. An unusual mix of sophisticated realism and emotional interplay transforms the process of maturing into an evocative and colorful narrative experience.

ForeWord Review - Open With Love

Open With Love (Cover)

A woman escapes from an artificial role dictated by society and emerges an honest individual, recreated by herself and no one else. The story is confessed, much like a sequence of diary entries, from the viewpoint of a divorced heroine and overworked mother. Though personal and raw, the stylistic presentation on every page deserves high marks for ingenuity and sincerity.

ForeWord Review - The Champa Flowers

The Champa Flowers (Cover)

Set in 1968 Vientiane, the capital of Laos, where the U.S. and North Vietnamese embassies are less than two miles apart, this thriller is an outstanding example of the merger of real events during the Vietnam War with the imaginative escapades of a CIA officer on a special mission involving espionage and counter-espionage. Emphasizing behind-the-scenes intelligence maneuvers over the stereotypical ferocity of warfare, Melton succeeds in creating a gripping adventure that explores the ingenious methods employed to curtail bloodshed where upheaval is the norm.

ForeWord Review - The Awakening

The Awakening (Cover)

With distinctive, dramatic flair and a taste of European culture, Almelek hits a universal chord in this modern play about the need to move on after tragic events devastate the desire to succeed and destroy the will to endure. One’s heart can be filled with youth and joy or age and sadness, a choice everyone makes when life no longer seems worth the effort.

ForeWord Review - Barrier-Free Theatre

Barrier-Free Theatre (Cover)

Drama can be an educational tool with therapeutic value, which helps students overcome physical or developmental barriers. Bailey explores the performance arts as a specialized aid to teach science, social studies, and language, enhancing social interaction, as well as enforcing life skills. These techniques build self-confidence and improve communication, facilitating the learning experience.

ForeWord Review - Khrushchev's Russia

American Letters from Khrushchev's Russia (Cover)

This memoir is a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a competitive country at a time when the majority of Americans were allowed only a distant view. A candid look at daily life in the former Soviet Union from the perspective of a foreign exchange student, this informative collection of letters reveals the good and the bad behind the Iron Curtain. Filled with curious details and funny incidents, every page presents a real-life, sometimes even mundane, aspect of existence in Russia during the Cold War era.

ForeWord Review - Border Field Blues

Border Field Blues (Cover)

A simple investigation in a preserve for endangered birds escalates into an unsolved nightmare of multiple murders and international prostitution. In this terrifying look at a world gone wrong, the Mexican border is more than a mere fence with a picturesque landscape on the distant horizon. Featuring a guitar-playing musician in the role of an astute private detective, Fayman delivers a potent dose of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

ForeWord Review - Face of Courage

Face of Courage (Cover)

Fireman Michael Cammarata stood in the wrong place at the wrong time because he had no choice. He was young and ambitious and willing to surrender his life to rescue the lives trapped in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Today, Michael’s brother Joseph, a former NYPD officer, is keeping his memory alive in a sincere tribute and writes of the day that changed his life. This special memoir provides an illuminating look at the author, an inspiration to those who grieve.

ForeWord Review - Illegal Liaisons

Illegal Liaisons (Cover)

This book espouses a complicated mixture of conservative restraints and liberal ideals at war within a protagonist who cannot balance the definition of matrimony with genuine love. Fascinating, yet somewhat disturbing, the plot exposes what can happen when the tables are turned in an ego-driven marriage, and a husband plays a secondary role next to a successful wife. Admirable command of language, as well as perceptive understanding of human character, sets Plebanek’s work apart from run-of-the-mill erotic fiction.

ForeWord Review - Song for Chance

Song for Chance (Cover)

An aging legend cannot escape the nightmare of a composition that catapulted him to fame in this realistic yet lyrical look at the drug-fueled music industry of the 1970s. Steeped in the culture of a time gone by, this rock star faces a suicidal hell that strikes close to his soul and exposes the inadequacies of his successful youth. John Van Kirk has combined external vibrancy with thought-provoking introspection, juxtaposing understated drama with inner sadness.

ForeWord Review - Fondly

Fondly (Cover)

Lurking within the shadows of two “fond” novellas is the ghost of a yesterday gone awry, laying in wait to sabotage the present and the future. This achievement deserves a high mark for flipping the age-old theme: one cannot relive the past. Yes, one can, and in a bad way. Winnette fashions his words not merely to create story, but to probe one’s brain.

ForeWord Review - The Comets of God

The Comets of God (Cover)

Goodman proposes that comets made an appearance in the Old Testament of the Bible and states that cometary activity will change the Earth during a bombardment. Though his work is scientific, detailed doomsday scenarios place the book into religion, since he is defining events that have not occurred and may not occur in a literal context. This analysis will attract the reader predisposed toward the Christian church and fundamental teachings, opposed to the evolutionist who integrates belief with Darwinian-based science. The author’s analysis of the Book of Revelations proposes that biblical writings can forecast our future, a concept many scientists will reject.

ForeWord Review - The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love

The Guys Guy's Guide to Love (Cover)

The exciting, high-stakes world of advertising and the lifestyle of the affluent, single man meet in Manni’s debut. This is the humorous story of a New York adman and his competitive relationship with his best friend, a committed playboy. Peppered with well-drawn supporting characters, personal-professional boundaries blur with intent, adding to the novel’s richness.

ForeWord Review - Write-A-Thon

Write-A-Thon (Cover)

This practical handbook on writing destroys the myth that only those graced with a loyal muse or a flash of ingenuity will succeed. The emphasis is on speed and completion, rather than slow, methodical, and often painstaking obsession with the use of every word. Published by Writer’s Digest Books, Melander’s guide motivates the sidelined author in a step-by-step plan for implementing a twenty-six-day turnover of a first draft.

ForeWord Review - Strategic Market Research

Strategic Market Research (Cover)

Beall discusses all aspects of conducting effective, targeted studies to prevent losses that every business dreads. She emphasizes the importance of body language and provides detailed instruction on how to read nonverbal communication during an interview, as well as covering the technique of getting to a respondent’s emotions. This clear-cut guide steers the reader toward accurate evaluations, backing advice with in-depth social psychology.

ForeWord Review - The Hidden Levels of the Mind

The Hidden Levels of the MInd (Cover)

A critical view of Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), this enlightening guide serves as a practical tool and provides supplementary information on the mysticism of this famous theologian. Taylor grasps a difficult concept and boils it down to a “system” anyone can understand. The mind is the gateway between our physical reality and the spiritual realm.

ForeWord Review - Beneath the Night Tree

Beneath the Night Tree (Cover)

An impulsive young woman embarks on single motherhood, establishing a nontraditional family that’s miraculously functional until her son’s biological father returns. Filled with poetic symbolism and lush description, this spiritual novel vividly portrays an individual at a crossroads, faced with circumstances that force her to examine her deepest motivations. Baart has the guts to examine convention and the social norm.

ForeWord Review - Zaire's Golden Babies

Zaire's Golden Babies (Cover)

A San Francisco commercial banker finds himself embroiled in a police investigation and forced to leave the United States. He launches into an undercover consulting mission in Zaire involving black market gold and government abuse of natives. Leister’s thriller digs into the rough, downtrodden environment of a developing nation.

ForeWord Review - The Lie

The Lie (Cover)

A downtrodden woman encounters her rich, overindulged double in this frightening tale of meeting a mirror-image protagonist. The complicated, soul-searching ordeal undermines her very existence rather than giving her the freedom from stress that she craves. Hidden motivations emerge, while consequences of past mistakes threaten to destroy life itself.

ForeWord Review - Past the Last Island

Past the Last Island (Cover)

In this fascinating return to the beginning of society, Rollins depicts a place and time in which modern humans perish, a raw and natural existence on desolate terrain fourteen thousand years ago in the South Pacific. Steeped in mysticism and superstition, the story delves into primal fear, spiritual awakening, and sensory enlightenment. A poignant reminder of the power of love and an exploration of the collective unconscious.

ForeWord Review - History of the English Language

The Timeline History of the English Language (Cover)

A concise reference tool filled with helpful illustrations, Judge’s text is ideally suited to high school students as well as people learning English as a second language. College professors may find it an excellent supplement to an undergraduate reading list. The book’s unique value is in its organization and brevity. Rather than wading through verbiage to get an answer to a simple question, readers can extract required information faster by referring to one of numerous charts, maps, or timelines.

ForeWord Review - Uncertain Journey

Uncertain Journey (Cover)

A downtrodden Albanian enters the United States, believing that with the right connections and the right job, he will succeed. His illegal status haunts him throughout this perceptive story of a man whose only crime is his desire to remain. Articulate and insightful, Rouman’s descriptions bring to dramatic life an individual who wants to escape the bad conditions in his homeland for a better existence.

ForeWord Review - A Race to Splendor

A Race to Splendor (Cover)

Commemorating the 105th anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that hit San Francisco on April 18, 1906, Ware’s novel focuses on an architect involved in rebuilding two competing hotels after the tragedy. A heroine ahead of her time in education and ambition, she is an inspiration to every twenty-first-century woman. This fascinating story is a penetrating look at what it takes to survive and what it means to succeed in a city that has literally crumbled.

ForeWord Review - Changing the World

Changing the World One Invention at a Time (Cover)

This organized and streamlined manual is a motivational tool that coaches the inventor from the earliest stage of development to the final patent. Rowe’s book is for overachievers who think they have the answer to a problem and strong-willed individuals who believe they know how to accomplish a task with greater efficiency.

ForeWord Review - Myth, Memory and Massacre

Myth Memory and Massacre (Cover)

This critical look at a controversial altercation between US military and Native Americans during the nineteenth-century Battle of Pease River disputes the validity of established records. Exploring background, sources, reports, and reminiscences, authors Carlson and Crum claim that evidence has been ignored or misinterpreted. More broadly, they investigate the meaning of myth and folklore in historical analysis.

ForeWord Review - Anna Heyward Taylor

Selected Letters of Anna Heyward Taylor (Cover)

This absorbing collection of letters gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at a world-renowned South Carolina artist. Anna Heyward Taylor (1879-1956) was known for her naturalistic watercolors and innovative printmaking. An early feminist, she thrived in an independent, free-spirited environment of her own, never succumbing to traditional expectations upheld by the social order of her time.

ForeWord Review - Here, Home, Hope

Here Home Hope (Cover)

A woman reinvents her self-image to achieve happiness in this exploration of inner motivation and routine disillusionment. Inspirational and engaging, Rouda will touch readers who can relate to the frustration of being sidelined on the field of life, until finally experiencing the joy of participation.

ForeWord Review - Hassie Calhoun

Hassie Calhoun (Cover)

A gripping story about an aspiring singer in 1960s Las Vegas, this poignant novel is a down-to-earth, rather than idealistic glimpse of a vulnerable young woman learning how to succeed… and how to stop trusting people. Guided by financial and emotional need, the heroine’s interaction with an abusive hotel manager keeps her dependent, succumbing to his advances in a misguided attempt to sustain herself in an aggressive business. Depicted with realism and tenderness.

ForeWord Review - Outside the Gate

Outside the Gate (Cover)

Milton shines a spotlight on human trafficking, an appalling crime that persists. Rather than focusing on gritty descriptions of sexual assault, the author allows the reader to feel a mother’s pain as she contemplates her daughter’s terror. An authentic look at the international business of abducting and raping girls for profit.

ForeWord Review - The Literary Ladies' Guide

The Literary Ladies Guide (Cover)

A compilation of letters, memoirs, interviews, and diaries of twelve exceptional authors from different eras, this book addresses the pitfalls and advantages of a varied, creative landscape. Each writer is revealed as having approached her profession with a personal motivation, a characteristic attitude, and a desire to write that surpassed the majority of her peers.

ForeWord Review - The Last Rendezvous

The Last Rendezvous (Cover)

A gifted poet and actress experiences the joy and pain of romantic passion in this fictionalized account of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore’s life. Researched like a biography, the book exposes her innermost thoughts, much like the pages of a diary. A woman ahead of her time in nineteenth-century France, Marceline is an early feminist with the courage to distance herself from the confines of a restricted society to pursue the dictates of her heart and soul. Translated from the French by Willard Wood.

ForeWord Review - New Self, New World

New Self New World (Cover)

An exciting investigation of the human psyche that explains why attempts to control and analyze can backfire in well-intended endeavors that should have brought positive, not negative, outcomes. Shepherd’s goal is to keep a person rooted in the present, not wallowing in the acknowledged past, or floundering in an unknown future. This book will appeal to readers with a spiritual, opposed to a clerical, approach toward life.

ForeWord Review - Torn Apart

Torn Apart (Cover)

A video-game character comes to life, invading the soul of a reserved young boy in this spellbinding thriller. Alternating between scenes of swordplay in a medieval fantasy realm and daily routine, the novel is a peculiar mix of coming-of-age and science fiction. Reminiscent of the Twilight Zone television series, which featured surreal situations that defied explanation, this phenomenal tale integrates multiple genres.

ForeWord Review - Dosha

Dosha (Cover)

The Soviet dressage team in Leningrad drafts a gypsy equestrian woman and gives her elevated status as a star, yet her only desire is to defect. Edgy, entertaining, and filled with political stratagem, Meyer’s riveting novel balances realism, action-intrigue, and romance.

ForeWord Review - Owen's Day

Owen's Day (Cover)

An elusive, wealthy man risks his life to prevent a boy from drowning in a frozen river. This captivating novel is an exploration of the daily, sometimes dire incidents that lie like stumbling blocks throughout our lives. A small Canadian town’s need to glorify the hero, reward him, and place him on a pedestal does not elicit the desired reaction. The author explores the religious concept of “good deeds” and the obligation to pay for every privilege or service, inviting analysis of social issues.

ForeWord Review - Anything Goes

Anything Goes (Cover)

A prolific interlude of artistic achievement in film, literature, and music, the Roaring Twenties may be the most important decade of the American twentieth century. Known as the Jazz Age, this fascinating post-war era of Prohibition and flappers, frivolity and instant gratification, has mesmerized historians throughout the world. Moore’s enlightening, well-researched text will appeal to scholars as well as a general audience.

ForeWord Review - Unmentionables

Unmentionables (Cover)

Greene brings together two enthralling love stories in this enlightening look at the hidden elements of our past. He integrates a fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpse of gay romance set during the American Civil War with a complex relationship between an abolitionist and a Confederate. This is superb historical fiction presented from a contemporary angle.

ForeWord Review - Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil (Cover)

Brenegan presents a fictionalized account of outspoken, nineteenth-century feminist Fanny Fern. A hard-hitting journalist who delivered her statements on a variety of controversial topics in a blunt, unrestrained manner, Fern garnered intense criticism and lavish praise. An insightful piece of interpretive history, this book is recommended for leisurely as well as scholarly pursuit.

ForeWord Review - Mephisto Aria

Mephisto Aria (Cover)

A talented opera singer discovers a secret side to her father in a diary he kept during World War II. While investigating his suicide, she finds passion with a beautiful Russian woman, a vocalist and defector on the run. Filled with outstanding attention to 1940s detail alongside a contemporary setting, this work presents two distinct love stories.

ForeWord Review - The Purpose-Guided Universe

The Purpose-Guided Universe (Cover)

This fascinating text delves into intelligent design and belief systems that form our concept of the universe. Haisch discusses perception of time and space, even consciousness itself, simplifying complicated physics. His theories are a synthesis of science and theology, fields of study often perceived as incompatible domains.

ForeWord Review - Cinema Today

Cinema Today (Cover)

This compilation of thirty-nine interviews examines the freethinking element of the film industry. Passionate and inspired, serious about creation, these international groundbreakers experiment with everything from sound and setting to theme and technique.

ForeWord Review - Sand in My Eyes

Sand in My Eyes (Cover)

A lifestyle chosen for the sake of conformity does not meet a woman’s expectations in this perceptive exploration of time lost. Lemmon’s novel may be a subtle reprimand to those who fail to appreciate and control their lives, choosing instead to exist as cowards seeking social acceptance rather than fulfillment. Her story presents the consequences of allowing years to pass without truly living.

ForeWord Review - Deceit

Deceit (Cover)

An investigator must confront the death of a captivating woman with whom he had a short-lived but intense relationship. Grief and shock will not answer the questions surrounding her presumed car accident.

ForeWord Review - The Five O'Clock Follies

The Five O'Clock Follies (Cover)

An independent female correspondent in devastated Saigon faces skepticism and overt sexism from competitive men during the Vietnam War. This fictional exposé by a seasoned journalist is recommended for those who have participated in similar war-torn environments.

ForeWord Review - About Face

About Face (Cover)

Hill presents a fascinating approach to advertising that incorporates the creative, the emotional, and the intuitive into the cold-hearted realm of levelheaded business. His book addresses the importance of human instinct in transactions.

ForeWord Review - Wild Hoofbeats

Wild Hoofbeats (Cover)

In striking photographs, this gift book is a profound and beautiful tribute to the wild horses of the American West. The gestures of a mare tending to her foal on an open landscape, or the expression of a stallion staring in stoic outrage behind a chain-link fence, communicate the presence of free, intelligent, and emotional creatures.

ForeWord Review - Quickening

Quickening (Cover)

Delve into this collection of twelve short stories filled with potent symbolism and emotional punch. Wieland’s writing is understated and sophisticated, the work of an award-winning author.

ForeWord Review - What Cheer

What Cheer (Cover)

Real happiness resides in unexpected places, and love is defined by an individual. Jack’s sophisticated style lends a comedic twist to the contemporary romance, contrasting urban and rural values.

ForeWord Review - Scarred

Scarred (Cover)

Molho presents his story of discovery and rebirth in the shadow of a tortured childhood. Abducted by his father at age seven, he reveals the trauma of his seclusion in Greece while separated from the family he loves in America.

ForeWord Review - Mastering Creative Anxiety

Mastering Creative Anxiety (Cover)

Maisel explores problems at any stage of a creative artist’s life that inhibit innovation and disrupt performance. Utilizing existential cognitive-behavioral therapy, his book is intended for imaginative people who wish to achieve their potential in competitive professions.

ForeWord Review - Not for Profit

Not for Profit (Cover)

Discover why democracy needs the humanities to survive. Nussbaum encourages argument, imagination, and creativity in academics, rather than a limited business curriculum to achieve financial success. This book is a warning to administrators who wish to remove so-called useless courses for economic purposes.

ForeWord Review - A Deadly Affection

A Deadly Affection (Cover)

A gifted psychiatrist with a troubled past must clear a patient charged with murdering another physician. Set in New York in 1907, this mystery reveals the resistance to women in an emerging male-dominated profession.

ForeWord Review - Forced Journey

Forced Journey (Cover)

In this touching dramatization, a twelve-year-old Jewish boy is sent to New York in 1939 to escape the Holocaust. Zibart emphasizes the insensitive resistance to immigrants in an era of upheaval.

ForeWord Review - The Silver Lotus

The Silver Lotus (Cover)

Two culturally diverse lovers do business on the developing Northern California coast. This literary masterpiece is an exceptional portrayal of an early feminist struggling with an oppressive society near the turn of the twentieth century.

ForeWord Review - Silk

Silk (Cover)

Fashion and pandemonium meet in this glitzy mainstream romance. Rough and demanding, these are protagonists with an attitude, coupled with an unrelenting desire to succeed. Written by London journalist Rupert James.

ForeWord Review - Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar (Cover)

Destiny and realism are a heady mix in this debut romance. Sebastian Cole tells his story through intermittent flashback. Fans of Nicholas Sparks will enjoy his style.

ForeWord Review - For the Sender

For the Sender (Cover)

Songwriter Alex Woodard looks beyond the mere idea of fame in this candid glimpse of the music business. An altruistic twist on a competitive profession.

ForeWord Review - Adaptability

Adaptability (Cover)

Learn the difference between coping and winning. Adapt. McKeown’s ingenious approach makes this book useful in all endeavors, even in correcting a personal outlook that may be self-defeating.

ForeWord Review - Knowing Who I Am

Knowing Who I Am (Cover)

Read this motivating autobiography by South African songwriter Nianell. Recommended for people who have put their lives on hold and need assistance in pursuing a latent dream or a stifled aspiration.

ForeWord Review - Her Name Is Grace

Her Name Is Grace (Cover)

An orphan survives in alien arms to be trained as an angel. This fantasy, loaded with symbolism and myth, is an exploration of human character and resiliency.

ForeWord Review - Lawman's Dilemma

Lawmans Dilemma (Cover)

Enjoy this action-oriented trek into the American Wild West as a lawman restores order to ravaged towns. With a story light on romance and heavy on action, emphasis remains on the marshal’s attempts to find the bad guy and bring him to justice.

ForeWord Review - The Immune

The Immune (Cover)

A genetically engineered, reproductive monster with tentacles threatens the world in this science fiction thriller. Only a small number of remarkably immune individuals can endure the onslaught of an attack, making them saviors of humanity.

ForeWord Review - So L.A.

So L.A. (Cover)

Read this journal-style exploration of a grieving artist’s mind by an award-winning writer. In a candid, first-person story broken into lyrical entries, a flawed, beautiful heroine reinvents herself after the tragic rock-climbing death of her brother and the demise of her marriage.

ForeWord Review - Where the Heart Lives

Where the Heart Lives (Cover)

Explore a glamorous alternative to metropolitan living set in the mid-1990s on the California Central Coast. This is the second installment of Purl’s Milford-Haven series. The contrast between a “should do” approach to living and a “must do” need to override one’s so-called voice of reason is a significant thread running throughout these interwoven novels.

ForeWord Review - Journey to Oxford

Journey to Oxford (Cover)

Set during the tumultuous 1800s, this is the story of a gifted apprentice doctor and his forbidden relationship with a Native American teenager who remains faithfully at his side. Vibrant characters come to life in a situation we can only imagine in our contemporary society of advanced medicine and high technology. A love for the ages.

ForeWord Review - Limping through Life

Limping through Life (Cover)

Read this inspiring story of a man’s battle with polio. Fortitude and spirit are evident on every page as he recounts regaining use of his paralyzed leg. An excellent reference for historians seeking information on Wisconsin life in the late 1940s and 1950s.

ForeWord Review - Swiss Made

Swiss Made (Cover)

Switzerland is an incubator for success and controversy. Breiding explores every facet of the country’s economic environment, from the earliest beginnings in the Middle Ages to the intense competition in the twenty-first century. This quality hardcover will appeal to an audience far removed from business, reaching into the arts and sciences.

ForeWord Review - Executive Advantage

Executive Advantage (Cover)

Grey dispels the myth of the greedy ogre in the corner office. She demystifies and humanizes people at the head of corporations. This title is for everyone who needs to organize, delegate, and stabilize a tumultuous environment. Recommended for entrepreneurs and anyone in a position of leadership.