ForeWord Review - The Searchers

The Searchers (Cover)

The teachings of eighteenth-century theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) are incorporated into this esoteric, but enlightening, work of fiction. Ideal for the open-minded reader fascinated with metaphysics, Smith alternates between refined symbolism and subtle allegory in her evocative work, never failing to intrigue and entertain.

ForeWord Review - Bridges

Bridges (Cover)

The forces of good and evil engage in battle within the depths of a tormented woman’s soul in this mesmerizing spiritual journey that merges psychology with mythology. Intellectual without being off-putting, this fascinating thriller traverses into an unknown dimension of the human mind, a world peopled with fallen angels and dethroned idols. Williamson shines a spotlight on downtrodden foreign environments plagued by desperation and superstition.

ForeWord Review - Amy Inspired

Amy Inspired (Cover)

This exceptional story is a tender portrayal of love without the artificial frills of a capitalistic venture. At the heart of Pierce’s novel is the real source of inspiration in imaginative endeavors. Eschewing the typical perception of attainment in the fine arts and its emphasis on money or fame, this perceptive author presents the natural development of an idealistic, spiritual motivation for creative work. The book probes the genuine emotions that spur creativity and examines the false pretenses that stall artistic fulfillment.

ForeWord Review - In the Company of Angels

In the Company of Angels (Cover)

Based on historical records and dramatized for entertainment, Farland’s novel is the story of the early Mormon Church and the tribulations of the Willie Handcart Company, a group of immigrants who attempted to journey from the end of the Transcontinental Railroad in Iowa City, which was not yet finished, to Salt Lake City in 1856. Rejected by mainstream America, the followers of Brigham Young, then president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, travel through a hostile environment. This enlightening book takes a painfully honest look at the fateful decisions made by a downtrodden group seeking acceptance in a judgmental nation.

ForeWord Review - Beneath the Night Tree

Beneath the Night Tree (Cover)

An impulsive young woman embarks on single motherhood, establishing a nontraditional family that’s miraculously functional until her son’s biological father returns. Filled with poetic symbolism and lush description, this spiritual novel vividly portrays an individual at a crossroads, faced with circumstances that force her to examine her deepest motivations. Baart has the guts to examine convention and the social norm.