ForeWord Review - The Selfish Path to Romance

The Selfish Path to Romance (Cover)

True love, according to Locke and Kenner, is not an accident, nor is it mystical. It is a rational interaction between two people that can be learned. Based on the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, these experts explore the importance of self-love in this concise text that breaks down the method of seeking a “soul mate.”

ForeWord Review - Mastering Creative Anxiety

Mastering Creative Anxiety (Cover)

Maisel explores problems at any stage of a creative artist’s life that inhibit innovation and disrupt performance. Utilizing existential cognitive-behavioral therapy, his book is intended for imaginative people who wish to achieve their potential in competitive professions.

ForeWord Review - Knowing Who I Am

Knowing Who I Am (Cover)

Read this motivating autobiography by South African songwriter Nianell. Recommended for people who have put their lives on hold and need assistance in pursuing a latent dream or a stifled aspiration.