Literary Perspective - Psychological Drama

Psychological Drama (Gabriel Gaston Context Croft)
Credit: Gabriel Gaston Context Croft
(Wikimedia Commons)

Psychological Drama

Imagination is a psychological distraction and a method of creation. When reality falls short of expectation, the inventive part of the intellect takes over and explores alternatives to this unacceptable situation. Some call it brainstorming, a developmental procedure that can be examined and displayed on a whiteboard. The mystery diminishes under sober scrutiny, but the art of creating can be taught. Few begin with a blank slate, which would be similar to starting with a blank mind. Every conceptualized scenario has its inherent makeup, just like a human is a complex network of genes.

An author uses this discovery process to write fiction. Within a distant realm of the brain is a womb where characters and settings are conceived. Psychological drama can be lighthearted or serious, depending on mood and temperament. Background, religion, and education contribute to the style and tone.

The merging of fantasy and reality is at the core of the paranormal story. Mass-market analysts assert that a story is purely entertainment. Readers of commercial fiction do not consult study guides to comprehend a hidden symbol, nor does a movie theater audience probe a film’s inner message. Being oblivious, however, does not mean the profound reason for creation is nonexistent. Differences exist in the quality of the finished work, but every writer redefined the world within a unique plot line.

ForeWord Review - The Flower Bowl Spell

The Flower Bowl Spell (Cover)

An eccentric cross between literary quirkiness and young adult fiction, this carefully crafted novel illuminates what the uninitiated human cannot fathom: fairies, auras, and spells. A fine command of language is evident throughout this lighthearted story. Boler writes with precision, placing every word like a dollop of color on a canvas. Enter an enchanted mindscape where inanimate objects come to life and mythological beings appear out of nowhere. Her narrative transforms urban terrain into mystical wonderland.

ForeWord Review - Trail of the Dead

Trail of the Dead (Cover)

Native American folklore infuses this post-apocalyptic story with mysticism and culture. Rich with symbolism, this literary examination of primal instinct and human need is a study of survival. Nestled within these carefully wrought pages are the seeds of profound courage, stamina, and drive, with a strong feminist slant on womanhood.

ForeWord Review - Bring Me to Life

Bring Me to LIfe (Cover)

Just like a May-December romance, this human-zombie affair dares to flaunt the primal urges and animalistic instincts then somehow points toward a happy ending on the horizon. Yet the audacity of Kert’s characters sustains this eccentric tale, lifting it from the remains of chewed-up pulp.

ForeWord Review - The Rules of Ever After

The Rules of Ever After (Cover)

Enchantment, whimsy, and fun spin this heart-warming tale into a make-believe realm filled with storybook characters. Brewer’s fantasy is a coming-of-age novel that brings two vibrant young men together in a touching gay romance that explores the meaning of love.

ForeWord Review - The Mark on Eve

The Mark on Eve (Cover)

Witchcraft and women’s history propel this paranormal fantasy into a precarious realm of superstition and sexist perceptions. Fox educates subtly, discussing gender rights issues by incorporating them into a vibrant storyline. A blend of mystery and supernatural elements bolster the message of this feminist novel.

ForeWord Review - Principium

Principium (Cover)

This somewhat typical tale of persecution and New Age witchcraft crosses into the monster-creature zone. Infused with descriptions of psychic phenomena, prophetic dreams, and subliminal persuasion, Lamarre’s intriguing novel fortifies the power of every woman, promoting her to goddess status. Though written presumably for entertainment only, symbolic imagery and situational statements abound in this playful, young adult romp.

ForeWord Review - The Revival

The Revival (Cover)

Allen takes the reader on a second mind-bending journey to Totoba, Africa, an extraordinary place that cannot be fathomed. An unforgettable romantic encounter adds modern-day and gothic intrigue to this dangerous scenario. In a peculiar buildup, the story veers into a mythical land governed by a pseudo-sacred cult.

ForeWord Review - The Return

The Return (Cover)

Told in a confidential, first-person narrative, this conversational novel will appeal to an audience who has a need to wonder not only about the outcome, but about the purpose of this imaginary, or not-so-imaginary, excursion into a bizarre African realm where reality and fantasy merge. This entertaining, supernatural tale may be classified as escapist fiction, but the book also provokes a deeper, intellectual response that makes us contemplate inner character and morality.

ForeWord Review - Underground

Underground (Cover)

Holden tells the story of a young woman in jeopardy. Taken into an underground world and forced into submission, she falls in love with her captor, a leader who treats her with respect and kindness as he changes her into a vampire. This Lothario plot line with its romanticized kidnapping can be endured only within the confines of urban fantasy.

ForeWord Review - Chicago, The Windigo City

Chicago-The Windigo City (Cover)

Urban fantasy infused with Native American legend takes an excursion into the bloody horror genre in this fast-paced, exciting story. Soul abduction and human cannibalism on the streets of Chicago lead investigators on a gruesome chase into the city’s deserted underground passages. As a frightening disease spreads, victims are of two types: the consumed and the possessed.

ForeWord Review - There's a Place

There's a Place (Cover)

A near-death experience leads to a murder trial in this controversial short story, a provocative glimpse of one woman’s perception of the afterlife. Zartman skillfully explores the border between physical and spiritual reality. In an approach that simultaneously enlightens and enrages, this brief journey will open the eyes of staunch supporters of maintaining life support while conveying a warning to those who wish to terminate patients who linger.

ForeWord Review - Soulless

Soulless (Cover)

A police detective falls in love with the assassin assigned to kill her, a man who chooses to protect her with his life, defying the demands of his own people. This evolved species of humans feeds on the bioenergy of others, turning a social acquaintance into a potential victim. Sensual, sexual, and spellbinding, Hofman’s original take on the urban fantasy strips layers off its characters, revealing the depths of ardor and insanity.

ForeWord Review - Her Name Is Grace

Her Name Is Grace (Cover)

An orphan survives in alien arms to be trained as an angel. This fantasy, loaded with symbolism and myth, is an exploration of human character and resiliency.