Profile - David Gordon: Money and Art

David Gordon: Money and Art

In academia, the separation of the humanities from business has been a long-established tradition. Yet the love affair between money and art transcends time. Like Romeo and Juliet, one without the other means suicide. From the beginning of his career, David Gordon recognized the volatile nature of this relationship. Today, he is renowned worldwide as an outspoken corporate executive who has taken two incompatible domains and made the people in each realm work together for their own good. Read my August 6, 2009, interview with this Oxford-educated native of London and museum management consultant in Artnow Magazine.

Profile - Costel Iarca: Metropolitan Vision in a Corner Loft

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Abstract expressionist Costel Iarca made his mark on the Chicago art scene nearly two decades ago when he emigrated from his native Romania and called the Windy City his home. Rather than fading into oblivion like most shooting stars, his perseverance led to a series of exhibitions and galleries. Read this April 2014 profile featured in Cassone.

ForeWord Review - Anna Heyward Taylor

Selected Letters of Anna Heyward Taylor (Cover)

This absorbing collection of letters gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at a world-renowned South Carolina artist. Anna Heyward Taylor (1879-1956) was known for her naturalistic watercolors and innovative printmaking. An early feminist, she thrived in an independent, free-spirited environment of her own, never succumbing to traditional expectations upheld by the social order of her time.