Profile - Ana Leigh: Author Spotlight

Ana Leigh - Author Spotlight

Read my April 2009 interview in
Love Western Romances with Ana Leigh (1929-2015), an outstanding New York Times and USA Today bestselling historical romance novelist. Her books have been sold worldwide, and today she remains an icon in the publishing industry.

Profile - Valentino and the Art of Silent Romance

Valentino and the Art of Silent Romance

Known for his continental charm and Alpha man dominance, Rudolph Valentino was largely responsible for the sudden surge to popularity of the romance novel during the silent film era. Read my May-June 1995 article published in the
Romance Writers Report.

Profile - David Gordon: Money and Art

David Gordon: Money and Art

In academia, the separation of the humanities from business has been a long-established tradition. Yet the love affair between money and art transcends time. Like Romeo and Juliet, one without the other means suicide. From the beginning of his career, David Gordon recognized the volatile nature of this relationship. Today, he is renowned worldwide as an outspoken corporate executive who has taken two incompatible domains and made the people in each realm work together for their own good. Read my August 6, 2009, interview with this Oxford-educated native of London and museum management consultant in Artnow Magazine.

Profile - Lorrie Otto: Healing the Earth for the Children

Lorrie Otto: Healing the Earth for the Children

Natural landscape pioneer Lorrie Otto (1919-2010) witnessed the destructive spraying of DDT in the 1950s and '60s, then led the assault on this dangerous pesticide. Wisconsin was the first state to outlaw it in 1970, which led to a nationwide ban. Read my January-February 2009 interview with this remarkable environmentalist in
Natural Life.

Profile - Costel Iarca: Metropolitan Vision in a Corner Loft

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Abstract expressionist Costel Iarca made his mark on the Chicago art scene nearly two decades ago when he emigrated from his native Romania and called the Windy City his home. Rather than fading into oblivion like most shooting stars, his perseverance led to a series of exhibitions and galleries. Read this April 2014 profile featured in Cassone.

Profile - Valentino: The Silver Screen's First Sex Symbol

Valentino: The Silver Screen's First Sex Symbol

When you hear the name "Valentino," you instantly think of passion and romance. But how much do you know about the man behind the steamy image? Read this June 1996 profile featured in