ForeWord Review - Smooth

Smooth (Cover)

An anthology of nineteen pieces written by a diverse group of women, this collection is attention-grabbing and titillating, though it occasionally verges on esoteric. The theme is one of revelation and discovery. The stories explore a wide range of unusual scenarios, with only a few falling into the realm of the stereotypical or trite. Edited by an award-winning erotica editor, this book is outstanding and original.

ForeWord Review - Obsessed

Obsessed (Cover)

Writing about sex for the sake of sex is a literary art form attempted by many but mastered by few. This unconventional collection of nineteen short stories for women focuses on obsession and the ways a fixation can be expressed. Written by some of the best authors in the genre, the anthology explores sexual situations and describes intimate encounters, rather than placing explicit scenes in a plot propelled by external factors and emotional involvement. Bussel’s unusual selections and meticulous editing are to be commended, yet that elusive mark of quality remains subjective.

ForeWord Review - Together They Overcame

Together They Overcame (Cover)

Set in Israel after the 1956 Sinai campaign, this absorbing tale of young love straightforwardly reveals what happens when indoctrinated expectations clash with natural urges. Cultural dominance rooted in tradition meets free-spirited passion. Aharoni’s writing will capture the hearts of romance enthusiasts seeking down-to-earth drama rather than immersion in a mere storybook fantasy.

Impressions - Erotica

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Erotica: Not Handcuffed to Romance

Is erotica an extension of the romance genre or a sexual interlude taken out of context? In the twenty-first century, a date, even a first date, may involve consensual sex, yet neither party is manipulated for physical submission or psychological domination.

Within the imaginary realm of fiction, an encounter can be showcased without a plot, allowed to flaunt an unusual fetish, an eccentric desire, or an extreme behavior.

This type of scene, by definition, is not romantic, nor is it a story.

ForeWord Review - Illegal Liaisons

Illegal Liaisons (Cover)

This book espouses a complicated mixture of conservative restraints and liberal ideals at war within a protagonist who cannot balance the definition of matrimony with genuine love. Fascinating, yet somewhat disturbing, the plot exposes what can happen when the tables are turned in an ego-driven marriage, and a husband plays a secondary role next to a successful wife. Admirable command of language, as well as perceptive understanding of human character, sets Plebanek’s work apart from run-of-the-mill erotic fiction.