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Profile - David Gordon: Money and Art

David Gordon: Money and Art

In academia, the separation of the humanities from business has been a long-established tradition. Yet the love affair between money and art transcends time. Like Romeo and Juliet, one without the other means suicide. From the beginning of his career, David Gordon recognized the volatile nature of this relationship. Today, he is renowned worldwide as an outspoken corporate executive who has taken two incompatible domains and made the people in each realm work together for their own good. Read my August 6, 2009, interview with this Oxford-educated native of London and museum management consultant in Artnow Magazine.

ForeWord Review - Conversations with Bob

Conversations with Bob (Cover)

Catastrophic scenarios and dire predictions are often proven incorrect, an astounding historical phenomenon that Gentle explores in four creative interviews. This concise documented book is nonfiction with a fictional twist, placing the hero of this story in a time capsule that allows him to communicate with pessimists from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Knowledge is limited to the era in which we live. Consequently, determining what will happen in the next century, or even the next decade, may not be possible.

ForeWord Review - Heart Leader

Heart Leader (Cover)

With warmth and humor, Wizelman details a workable plan for career-driven individuals and high-potential teams to reach an extraordinary level of achievement without losing the human touch. This caring and enlightened executive has developed a near flawless coaching technique, specializing in “emotional intelligence” and strategic planning in the corporate realm. Usable in a variety of professions, his advice applies to anyone with a desire to gain from his insight. In this age of electronic communication he reminds us that behind every high-tech device, computer monitor, and workstation is an individual with a heart and a soul.

ForeWord Review - Bean Counters

Bean Counters (Cover)

Though the development of lifesaving medication is a noble endeavor, marketing pharmaceuticals for financial gain may attract unqualified individuals to the field, a disillusioning aspect of the trade. At the core of this publication is a questioning of integrity, a factor that influences every type of commerce. Comparing pills to beans may be flippant, but this analogy makes a crucial point. Medication is serious business, not a financial competition, with long-term consequences that can be good or bad.

ForeWord Review - It's Not the Market

It's Not the Market (Cover)

A concise guide for technophobes, the strategist behind the Backstreet Boys and ’N Sync explains why selling any commodity via bulletin boards will not be successful, just as the postal service is no longer the most effective means of delivering pertinent information. Internet-savvy experts may wonder why these common facts must be reiterated, but some still rely on outdated procedures that lead to failure. Frustrated over the inability to revive a business or sell a product, these baffled individuals assume that it’s a tough market to crack or that a bad economy is preventing them from achieving their goals. Bodnarchuk’s slant is directed toward the real-estate sector, but the information is usable in other fields.

ForeWord Review - Strategic Market Research

Strategic Market Research (Cover)

Beall discusses all aspects of conducting effective, targeted studies to prevent losses that every business dreads. She emphasizes the importance of body language and provides detailed instruction on how to read nonverbal communication during an interview, as well as covering the technique of getting to a respondent’s emotions. This clear-cut guide steers the reader toward accurate evaluations, backing advice with in-depth social psychology.

ForeWord Review - Changing the World

Changing the World One Invention at a Time (Cover)

This organized and streamlined manual is a motivational tool that coaches the inventor from the earliest stage of development to the final patent. Rowe’s book is for overachievers who think they have the answer to a problem and strong-willed individuals who believe they know how to accomplish a task with greater efficiency.

ForeWord Review - About Face

About Face (Cover)

Hill presents a fascinating approach to advertising that incorporates the creative, the emotional, and the intuitive into the cold-hearted realm of levelheaded business. His book addresses the importance of human instinct in transactions.

ForeWord Review - Adaptability

Adaptability (Cover)

Learn the difference between coping and winning. Adapt. McKeown’s ingenious approach makes this book useful in all endeavors, even in correcting a personal outlook that may be self-defeating.

ForeWord Review - Swiss Made

Swiss Made (Cover)

Switzerland is an incubator for success and controversy. Breiding explores every facet of the country’s economic environment, from the earliest beginnings in the Middle Ages to the intense competition in the twenty-first century. This quality hardcover will appeal to an audience far removed from business, reaching into the arts and sciences.

ForeWord Review - Executive Advantage

Executive Advantage (Cover)

Grey dispels the myth of the greedy ogre in the corner office. She demystifies and humanizes people at the head of corporations. This title is for everyone who needs to organize, delegate, and stabilize a tumultuous environment. Recommended for entrepreneurs and anyone in a position of leadership.