Profile - Lorrie Otto: Healing the Earth for the Children

Lorrie Otto: Healing the Earth for the Children

Natural landscape pioneer Lorrie Otto (1919-2010) witnessed the destructive spraying of DDT in the 1950s and '60s, then led the assault on this dangerous pesticide. Wisconsin was the first state to outlaw it in 1970, which led to a nationwide ban. Read my January-February 2009 interview with this remarkable environmentalist in
Natural Life.

ForeWord Review - Waging War on Cancer

Waging War on Cancer (Cover)

A prominent cancer researcher shares the trials and tribulations of his productive career in this engaging biography. Dedicated to the development of lifesaving drugs, Dr. G. Robert Pettit’s anticancer quest has led to advancements in medicine, and his knowledge has inspired the work of countless students. He is known for his discovery of bryostatins, auristatins, and dolastatins. This incredible book is based on countless hours of interview transcripts edited by Byars.

ForeWord Review - Hunting Marfa Lights

Hunting Marfa Lights (Cover)

Mysterious and elusive, the nocturnal lights that appear near Marfa, a small town in West Texas, have fascinated scientists seeking explanations for these strange phenomena. Native Americans believed they were fallen stars, but contemporary studies dispute this assumption. Though the majority of these mystifying orbs have a plausible reason, Bunnell believes that three percent are unexplained. His research methods are sound, based on an eight-year examination, from 2001 to 2009. He shares the trials and failures of his attempts to obtain reliable data, his territorial conflicts with wildlife, and his first captivating successes.

ForeWord Review - The Comets of God

The Comets of God (Cover)

Goodman proposes that comets made an appearance in the Old Testament of the Bible and states that cometary activity will change the Earth during a bombardment. Though his work is scientific, detailed doomsday scenarios place the book into religion, since he is defining events that have not occurred and may not occur in a literal context. This analysis will attract the reader predisposed toward the Christian church and fundamental teachings, opposed to the evolutionist who integrates belief with Darwinian-based science. The author’s analysis of the Book of Revelations proposes that biblical writings can forecast our future, a concept many scientists will reject.

ForeWord Review - The Purpose-Guided Universe

The Purpose-Guided Universe (Cover)

This fascinating text delves into intelligent design and belief systems that form our concept of the universe. Haisch discusses perception of time and space, even consciousness itself, simplifying complicated physics. His theories are a synthesis of science and theology, fields of study often perceived as incompatible domains.