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Literary Perspective - Characters of the Mind

Supenatural Fiction (Chapman and Hall)
Credit: Chapman and Hall
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Characters of the Mind

Aliens, ghosts, and monsters make a regular appearance in science fiction and horror stories. Interest will not wane as otherworldly entities manifest themselves. What makes creators of paranormal plots successful?

Their secret lies in the ability to frighten and enlighten. Excursions into unknown recesses of the brain form the basis for intelligent literature in all periods. Excitement the adult experiences when watching a horror movie may not be suitable for children, but ironically, subject matter that educated censors consider inappropriate in a cinema may be praised in an English classroom.

At the end of a film, the viewer realizes the tale was mere entertainment and shrugs off uncomfortable and unfamiliar concepts, yet at the end of a literature course, the student walks away with changed beliefs about this world and other realms that may exist, even if this controversial place is only a figment of the imagination. Characters of the mind reside within this elusive psychological setting, symbols of repressed emotions and buried needs.

This rift between drama and literature has been present for centuries. In the early days of stage performances, the church frowned on deviant attitudes presented in plays before the masses. The condemnation resulted in suppression of creativity, a futile shot at thought control. Ingenious writers found allegorical and euphemistic ways around state and clerical restrictions.

In contemporary society, authors exercise freedom of expression, even if the process of conception scares someone. A hidden message emerges from every unexpected, illusory visitor. Attempts at smothering feelings such as fear, and refusing to acknowledge forbidden desire, lead to a stronger manifestation of the emerging character.

The protagonist struggles with an unrecognized problem, wish, or belief. A supernatural being wins the battle and makes an appearance. An astute writer demonstrates ability to reach the heart of the disturbance.

ForeWord Review - Under Lock and Key

Under Lock and Key (Cover)

Teetering on the brink of madness, this chilling psychological thriller delves into elaborate experiments that violate privacy and ethics while attempting to heal unimaginable injury to the human mind and body. The curious enter a frightening world where a doctor’s vow to do no harm tangles with scientific advancement. Fans of the medical drama can expect a high-technology twist in unforgettable moments that linger on the edge of a treacherous zone. Wired (pun intended) and strung out for maximum impact, Geesman’s storyline veers off the circuit board.

ForeWord Review - Raptor of Deliverance

Raptor of Deliverance (Cover)

Psychic phenomena and paranormal intrigue create a unique pathway into the realm of science fiction in this mesmerizing novel. Laced with symbolism, Baxter’s writing is fertile with details that invite interpretation, exploring the frightening prospect of fantastical, mind-controlled weaponry. Fans of the psychological thriller will love the style of this debut author.

ForeWord Review - We

We (Cover)

A forty-year-old man transcends space and time after an accident propels him into the body of his younger self. This extraordinary situation reveals the inner psyche struggling against the past, desperately seeking a favorable outcome long after traumatic actions have inflicted paralyzing damage. Scary and enlightening, Landweber’s story illuminates the darkest human motivations along with the noblest efforts to combat evil desires in unstable individuals.

ForeWord Review - Torn Apart

Torn Apart (Cover)

A video-game character comes to life, invading the soul of a reserved young boy in this spellbinding thriller. Alternating between scenes of swordplay in a medieval fantasy realm and daily routine, the novel is a peculiar mix of coming-of-age and science fiction. Reminiscent of the Twilight Zone television series, which featured surreal situations that defied explanation, this phenomenal tale integrates multiple genres.

ForeWord Review - The Immune

The Immune (Cover)

A genetically engineered, reproductive monster with tentacles threatens the world in this science fiction thriller. Only a small number of remarkably immune individuals can endure the onslaught of an attack, making them saviors of humanity.