Critical Essay - Our Students Need Individual Attention

Our Students Need Individual Attention

Read this published clip featured in the Sunday edition of
The Milwaukee Journal (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) on August 12, 1984. Addressing the need for personalized education, my guest editorial explores the reasons for deterioration in our educational system, a topic again in the news. This was my first article credit at age twenty-one.

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The Indigo Dream Catcher, my second collection of paranormal short stories with an extrasensory twist, is my latest fiction release from DiskUs Publishing, following Summer Solstice, an exploration of the human psyche in thirty interludes, each depicting a woman at a turning point. My three novellas take the reader into the starlit, musical backdrop of a sultry Memphis night, behind the scenes onto the offbeat field of professional soccer, and on a supernatural escapade through the streets of Paris, listening to the haunting melody of an unpublished poem by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. “Love Song” was composed in 1876 and left unfinished, an inspiration for the mystical plot. An academic history of the romance genre, a bio-bibliography on silent film actor Rudolph Valentino, and a collection of essays on American writer Jack London complete my author list.

Critical Essays - Literary Radicals

Critical Essays

LITERARY RADICALS is an illustrated selection of four essays exploring the historical, creative, and social forces that propel views of utopia, propaganda, prosperity, and liberty. Documented with numerous sources, the book is an enhanced research guide for a student or scholar. This title is available exclusively from Apple Books.

DiskUs Publishing - Jack London

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A collection of seven critical essays,
JACK LONDON: AN AMERICAN WRITER (1876-1916) reveals a complicated figure with a literary persona and a mass-market image. London rose form a working class background in Oakland, California, to prominence as one of the most famous and prolific authors in the world. Scholars have put him under a literary microscope since his death in 1916. Academics analyze his work, his political views, and his love life in an attempt to distinguish between the private man and the public figure, while modern writers find his creative output daunting. This title is available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble NOOK.

  • Quest for Eden
  • Psychology and Symbolism
  • Structural Significance
  • Character and Technique
  • Political Rebellion
  • Idealism and Worldview
  • Private Man and Public Figure